Royal Artist Studio makes it easy to earn revenue and cultivate fandom at the intersection of culture and technology.

Diplo — “Don’t forget my love”
20% of future royalties
Madison Ryann Ward — “I’ll Wait”
49.98% of future royalties

Future royalties.

Right now.

Get 10+ years of royalty revenue upfront by selling a portion of streaming rights to your fans. Keep ownership of the rest, plus any other royalties like downloads, synchs, and physical sales.

Unlock next-level fandom.

Meet your new street team. Your collectors have a vested interest in promoting your music, and you have free tools to directly connect with and reward your biggest supporters.

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+$3 (+5.96%)
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Your music, your way.

You keep creative control. Your fans share in your success. They aren't here to shelve your album, change your sound, or decide your promotional schedule.

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How do I apply for a drop?

Fill out our form, which includes letting us know which song, album, or EP you want to share ownership of. You’ll need to provide information about your distributor, your recoupment status, and more, plus let us know how much of the master streaming royalty interest you’d like to sell. Once we’ve confirmed you’re eligible for a drop, we'll send you an estimate to help price it.

My drop is approved. Now what?

Once your drop is scheduled, it's time to activate your audience. We'll send you a playbook with tips on how to engage your fans on social media, email, and more. Plus, we help you unlock new fans by promoting your release to our followers, too. When your primary drop closes, tokens representing your music become available on our active marketplace. Even more fans can discover your music here, and you'll earn a 2.5% slice of every secondary sale.

How do royalty payouts work?

We handle payouts so you don’t have to by working directly with your distributor to automate royalty payouts to collectors. Anyone who owns a token of your music can claim their portion of streaming royalty revenue straight from their Royal portfolio. Royalties are deposited based on your distributor’s payout schedule (typically every 3-6 months).