7 tips for promoting your drop [Guide]

Jun 13, 2023

Ready to drop on Royal? Here are some tips to promote your music’s upcoming sale.

Your drop on Royal is an opportunity to earn upfront revenue from fans and start building a collector community. Once you've submitted music to drop, it's time to dive into your promotional strategy.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with valuable tips to help you promote your drop, create a unique marketing moment, engage your existing fans, reach new audiences, and more.

1. Personalize your page and profile

Your fans want to connect with you and your music. Your drop page and artist profile are great places to start.

Drop page

Your drop page serves as a gateway for fans to learn more about your music and get a chance to own a piece of it.

Here are a few steps to take to customize your drop page:

  • Upload token art: Choose a visual that represents your drop and will appear on your drop page and collectors' portfolios. Most artists upload album art here, but you can also use another visual if you’d like.

  • Create a custom URL: Make it easy to share your drop on social media and via email with a custom URL. Consider optimizing it for SEO by including your artist name and song name with hyphens between each word.

  • Write a compelling description: Stand out by describing your drop and highlighting what makes it an exciting addition to a music portfolio. Share details about its streaming success, reception, and behind-the-scenes creation process. Need inspiration? Check out existing drops on Royal to see how other artists describe their music.

Artist profile

Your artist profile is an opportunity for fans to delve deeper into your career journey. Make the most of it with these tips.

  • Add a bio: Include background information about yourself and your journey on your profile, which users can find on your drop page and song valuation pages.

  • Update your avatar: Change your artist avatar in the settings section whenever you want.

2. Offer rewards for fans

In addition to selling royalties, consider including rewards as part of your drop. These optional benefits can be exclusive content, limited-edition merchandise, or unique virtual experiences tailored to your brand and fanbase.

After the drop, you can fulfill the rewards you've promised through our post tool. Read more.

3. Create a unique marketing moment

Think about what sets your drop apart. Are you celebrating a catalog anniversary or sharing royalties for the first time? Is it tied to a new release or tour announcement?

We’ve seen artists do this a bunch of different ways—from pricing tokens at $5 to tying the drop to an international debut.

Highlight your unique value proposition in your marketing to create a rallying cry for your followers, who are rooting for your success. They can now participate in your journey and win alongside you.

4. Publish your page early and build pre-launch hype

As soon as your distributor is connected, you can select a drop date and publish your page on Royal. This will generate a live link for you to share with your community.

Generate anticipation for your drop by pre-announcing it on your social media channels and in your email newsletter. You can use your profile photo, token art, or other piece of content and include key dates and a call to action that links to your drop page.

5. Rally your online supporters and mailing list

It’s no secret that social media and email are both powerful tools for promotion. Here's how to leverage your supporters on both.

Social media

  • Facebook & Instagram: Share a post about your drop with a link to your drop page. Use engaging visuals and a compelling caption to capture your followers' attention. Make use of Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories as well.

  • Twitter: Tweet about your drop, and consider creating a unique hashtag for fans to use. Engage with fans who use the hashtag to keep the conversation going.

  • TikTok: If you're on TikTok, create a fun and engaging video related to your drop. The viral nature of TikTok can help spread the word quickly.

  • Reddit: If you have a channel on Reddit, consider hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session about your drop. This gives your community the chance to ask questions and learn more about your music.


Email is one of the most effective channels for converting fans into collectors. If you have an email list, send out a newsletter to them when the drop goes live. You can also send a final "last chance" email as the drop comes to an end to create urgency.

6. Share resources with your community

Together, we're building something that's never been done before. Questions come with the territory.

Our Help Center and Blog have guides and resources that your community might find helpful. Take advantage of these resources when questions arise to provide support and information.

7. Connect with the Royal Discord community

Engage with new audiences in our Discord. Say hello to over 18,000 music fans and collectors in this online chat group and share details about your drop with them.

Royal is a tool for you to unlock future royalties and build community in emerging spaces, but the success of your drop depends on you. Remember to choose a promotional window that works with your schedule, and use the above tips to help you rally your existing supporters and get your music in front of new audiences.